Zaid Khan

I was known as “The Skinny Guy” for all my school days. Despite of being active in sports I was very skinny and always used to be afraid of being knocked down against heavy and strong opponents. I joined gym when I was 17 and for three years I didn’t observe any changes. I was going to gym just because my friends were going. I never focused on my eating habits and was endlessly spending money on supplements. I started experiencing low self-esteem and confidence which was reflecting in my personality, career and interpersonal relationships. So, I decided to take Fitness seriously. I started making plans for myself and gained over 10 kg’s in 12 weeks, this transformation made me quite popular in my local area and many people approached me for diet and workout plans which gave great results. And hence, I decided to make Fitness Easy, Simple, Affordable and Accessible for everyone. I along with the team of young, motivated, fitness and goal oriented individuals have helped over 650+ clients from over 11 countries to transform and improve their lifestyle so far and I am looking forward to eradicate all the inhibitions that people have regarding healthy holistic living. That’s, my story, what will be yours?

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Muscle and Strength Training
Weight Management

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