Rishi Solanki

Some do it for the abs. Some do it for the big guns. But what matters most is performance. Are you doing it for yourself? Are you trying to become the best version of yourself? This is where my story began. Ever since my childhood, I’ve been playing sports or participating in various athletic events. And, as I got older, this resulted into becoming a professional deep sea diver. Diving required me to be in top-notch shape, as I’m pretty sure I was. When I got back to Mumbai and began training regularly, learning more about Crossfit, I realised that I was nowhere in terms of fitness levels. Sure, I had abs, but could I run fast and long? Could I lift heavier? Was I at my peak performance level? NOPE. This realisation hit me hard and humbled me down. I then proceeded to spend the next couple years studying and improving my fitness levels. I loved Crossfit and began actively training clients at the gym. And, nothing makes me happier than helping people realise their true potential when it comes to fitness. They even manage to surprise themselves!

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