Priyanka Reddy

I am ISSA Certified Bodybuilding Specialist & Fitness Nutrition Coach. I have been working in the Fitness Industry since 4+ Years. I have helped hundreds of Busy Professionals across the world through my Online Coaching services #GetFitWithPriya . I work with Clients from different Professions like Doctors, Directors, Lawyers, Athletes, IT Professionals, HRs etc. As a former IT Professional myself, I understand the difficulties and know how to maintain a balance between Work & Health. This helps me understand and connect with my Clients personally. I believe in Healthy & Sustainable Lifestyle rather than Fad diets or Cookie Cutter programs, which is why my Clients not only Transform Physically but also Mentally and make everlasting Healthy Lifestyle choices. I work with both Men and Women aged between 25Yrs – 35Yrs. I am specialized in Fat loss & Body Re-composition.

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