Diabetes Type II Reversal Program

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Diabetes mellitus (DM), more often just called Diabetes, is a group of metabolic lifestyle disorders and diseases in which a person has high blood sugar levels over an extended period of time. Diabetes is also alternatively known as high blood glucose, a condition in which the body doesn’t properly process or make use of food as fuel or as a source of energy.
What you expect from this program:
1. Normalise Blood Sugar Levels
2. Fatty Liver Improvement
3. Reduced Medications (under guidance)
4. Diabetes Control Lifestyle Plan
5. Low GI Diabetes Controlled Diet Plan
6. Increased and sustained Energy Levels
7. Weight loss
Symptoms of Diabetes type II are:
1. Increased thirst
2. Frequent urination
3. Feeling Hungry
4. Feeling Tired Often / Fatigue
5. Blurry Vision
6. Itching & Yeast Infection
7. Tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands or feet
8. Sudden Weight loss
Causes of Diabetes:
1. Obesity
2. Physical Inactivity
3. Insulin resistance
4. Genes and family history
5. Unhealthy meal planning choices


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