Conquer PCOS the Natural Way

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. Women with PCOS produce higher-than-normal amounts of male hormones. This hormone imbalance causes their body to skip menstrual periods and makes it harder for them to get pregnant.
What you expect from this program:
1. PCOD / PCOS Lifestyle Plan
2. Healthy Diet Plan
3. Unlimited PCOD Friendly Yoga & Strength Training sessions
4. Weight Loss
5. Normalise Menstruation
Symptoms of PCOS are:
1. Irregular Periods
2. Acne
3.Excess Hair Growth
4. Female Pattern Baldness
5. Weight Changes
Causes of PCOD / PCOS could be:
1. Excess androgen levels
2. Excess Insulin
3. Low-grade inflammation
4. Obesity
5. Individual’s Genetics


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