Fitness Unlimited

Package Details

The Unlimited Fitness plan is created for everyone who’s focus is to stay fit anytime, anywhere.
This plan gives you the unlimited access to all different kinds of workout with the aid of an expert nutritionist guiding and motivating you to be the best and the healthiest version of yourself.
What you can expect:
1. Strengthen Muscles
2. Acquire balance and flexibility
3. Improve Overall Digestion
4. Improve Mental Performance and Work Efficiency
5. Toned and Fitter looking Body
6. Boosted Confidence levels
What’s Included:
1. Dedicated Nutritionist
2. Unlimited Consultation through Chat & Video Call on App and WhatsApp
3. Personalised Goal Oriented Diet Plan
4. Unlimited Yoga & Strength Group Sessions with Expert Trainers


Lifestyle Disease Reversal Program