Weight Loss Package

Package Details

Fitzoh is your Health & Weight Loss Coach on your mobile! We're all about being with you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Our team is passionate about helping you deliver your health and weight loss goals with amazing personalised service that sends satisfaction through the roof. We Understand how hard it is to achieve weightloss and that is why we provide you with a dedicated Nutritionist who will counsel you and motivate you to not give up on your weight loss journey.
Whats you can expect:
1. Lose upto 5kgs
2. Calorie Controlled Personalised Diet Plan
3. Look and feel more Fit
4. Improve Energy Levels and Performance
5. Improve Sleep Patterns
6. Feel More Confident
7. Have less or No Craving
Whats Included:
1. Dedicated Nutrionist
2. Unlimited Consultation through Chat & Video Calling on App and whatsapp
3. Personalised Diet Chart
4. Unlimited Yoga & Strength Group Sessions with Expert Trainers


Lifestyle Disease Reversal Program