Fitzoh is a very handy and useful app especially in these times of pandemic when all other health centers are non operational.

Took a calorie killer session’s was great and the trainer was experienced and was a reality check on my fitness... Highly recommend to download n try a few sessions...

Its very easy when your health goal is this much easy for you to get. Best app i can suggest for healthy diet and workout

Fitzoh Partners Up with You for the Marathon of Good Health, Not Just a Sprint.

People often forget to prioritise themselves in this maddening world and sometimes need one little nudge, and that is where we come in. Fitzoh is a digital support system with committed healthcare facilitators who see you through your holistic lifestyle transformation journey from start to end. We are team tortoise, and with us, you are bound to win the race.

The Fitzoh Mission

We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to improve their lives with an affordable and high-quality healthcare programme.

Fitzoh is a testament to that belief. Through a dynamic healthcare app, we are marching towards enabling you to lead a holistically healthy life.

An unlimited healthcare buffet:

We are available for you whenever you need us, with unlimited consultation.

Step around with strength:

You get an unlimited access to various yoga and strength training sessions to treat your body right and make it stronger each day.

Highly-personalised experience:

Our programmes will fit you like a glove. We customise each aspect according to your lifestyle and health conditions.

Beyond the body:

Mental health is crucial in the holistic life transformation journey. Therefore, an army of non-judgmental mental health counsellors is here for you.

The Fitzoh Vision

"Be the first healthcare app people of every age group turn to combat their lifestyle diseases, fitness concerns, mental health issues, and begin their journey of a holistically healthy life."

We have a clear goal: witness you lead a sound and healthy life. To score that goal, we have a seamless mobile application that houses an entire ecosystem. You'll find supportive, encouraging health coaches, certified nutritionists and mental health counsellors.

The thoughtfully designed and clinically effective programmes ensure you get stronger and healthier inside out.

A Promise, A Pledge,
We, at Fitzoh, have a

We, Fitzoh fraternity, solemnly swear to Uphold the dignity of your healthcare journey Support you through all the ups and downs Hold your hand when you feel like you’re losing the grip.

Call battle against all the lifestyle demons Commit to leading you into the healthiest life.

Free trial to taste a healthy life!