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Fitzoh is a holistic wellness app committed to helping you on your health transformation journey.

In this commitment-phobic world, take our hand? We have a lot to offer.

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We are not a trainer, definitely not a guru, but we are a partner whose ultimate goal is to relieve you from health and lifestyle concerns. Whether PCOD or diabetes or addictive habits, we pledge to combat all via a holistic lifestyle transformation journey with a personalised healthcare plan.

Don’t let your lifestyle diseases define you.

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Experts at Fitzoh have curated high-impact packages to enable you to meet your health goals and transform.

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  • Lose upto 5kgs
  • Look and feel more Fit
  • Improve Energy Levels and Performance
  • Improve Sleep Patterns
  • Feel More Confident
  • Have less or No Craving

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On Weight Loss Package Package

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  • PCOD / PCOS Lifestyle Plan
  • Healthy Diet Plan
  • Unlimited PCOD Friendly Yoga & Strength Training sessions
  • Weight Loss
  • Normalise Menstruation

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On Conquer PCOS the Natural Way Package

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  • Normalise Blood Sugar Levels
  • Fatty Liver Improvement
  • Reduced Medications (under guidance)
  • Diabetes Control Diet & Lifestyle Plan
  • Increased and sustained Energy Levels

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On Diabetes Type II Reversal Program Package

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  • Improved Thyroid Hormone Secretion
  • Control levels of TSH, T3 and T4
  • Weekly Balanced Diet high in Iodine, Sodium, Iron Rich
  • Lifestyle Routine to Control Thyroid
  • Yoga with Experts to control Thyroid Symptoms

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On Hypothyroid Control Program Package

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  • Controlled Blood Pressure
  • Personalised Lifestyle plan to control Hypertension
  • Weekly Personalised Heart Healthy Diet
  • Unlimited Yoga & Strength Session
  • Weight Loss

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On Hypertension Relief Program Package

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Fitzoh Experts hands-on caregivers who proactively analyse and track your progress to help you transform holistically.

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